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Friday,2 September 2011, Noon


Sensors for disposable bioreactors: Challenges and perspectives

Session Chair

Ursula E. Spichiger, C-Cit AG


Happy bugs make better drugs: improving single-use bioproduction with flexible control

Barbara Paldus, Finesse Solutions, San Jose (USA)


Optical chemical sensors in biotechnology: status quo and perspectives

Gernot T. John, PreSens Precision Sensing GmbH, Regensburg (D)


Process analytics in single-use bioreactors and mixing devices

Kurt Hiltbrunner, Mettler Toledo, Process Analytics, Urdorf (CH)


In situ and offline measurement of glucose and lactate in disposable bioreactors, a comparison of methods and effects

Stefan Spichiger, C-Cit AG, Wädenswil


Lunch, exhibition and posters


Programme and Downloads

BioTech 2011 Programme

Preanouncement BioTech 2011

Download of oral presentations (.zip files)

Session 1a (visions and trends; 8.4 MB)

Session 1b (visions and trends; 4.9 MB)

Session 2/3 (industry viewpoint & PAT; 9.1 MB)

Sessions 4-6 (sensors for disposables; 9.2 MB)

Organizing Group

Centre for Measurement and Sensor Technology

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