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The BioTech 2011 conference will address three major topics:

Filter units

Trends in inline analysis of pH and dissolved oxygen

The reliable measurement of pH and oxygen is among the most important tasks in bioprocess control. Recently, new sensor technologies have been applied for these parameters. These include novel optical or electrochemical sensing principles as well as the introduction of “intelligent” sensing systems. Will these innovations become widely accepted and help the users to achieve accurate and traceable measurements, without the need to understand the sensors’ working principle?

Sensors in the PAT framework

The FDA has encouraged biopharmaceutical companies to use PAT (Process Analytical Technology) as a tool for faster, better and cheaper biomanufacturing processes. Where and how can sensors help to achieve this goal? Will PAT applications improve quality and reduce costs, or are they yet another FDA validation burden?


Sensors for disposable bioreactors

Following up the BioTech 2010 conference, this year’s event will again address the use of single-use devices in biotechnology, with a special focus on methods for on-line monitoring of crucial parameters. With the rising influence of disposable bioreactors in R&D and production, new sensing principles had to be developed. Can they meet the user’s expectations?

Target participants of the BioTech 2011 conference are those using or planning to use disposables in industry and R&D, specialists in sensor technology and process analytics, process engineers from the pharmaceutical industry and related sectors, and students in the field of biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences. By taking part in the conference, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of trends, limitations and opportunities of sensors for bioprocess analytics.

Programme and Downloads

BioTech 2011 Programme

Preanouncement BioTech 2011

Download of oral presentations (.zip files)

Session 1a (visions and trends; 8.4 MB)

Session 1b (visions and trends; 4.9 MB)

Session 2/3 (industry viewpoint & PAT; 9.1 MB)

Sessions 4-6 (sensors for disposables; 9.2 MB)

Organizing Group

Centre for Measurement and Sensor Technology

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