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Biotech 2011: Interdisciplinary conference on bioprocess analytics and sensor technology

Over 160 experts from more than 10 countries attended this year’s Biotech conference at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Wädenswil. With its focus on trends in sensor technology, bioprocess analytics and applications in single-use devices, Biotech 2011 successfully promoted the exchange of professional experiences between experts from industry and academia.

For some impressions on Biotech 2011 conference, see our gallery.



1 September 2011
• Trends in inline analysis of pH and dissolved oxygen
• Sensors within the PAT framework

2 September 2011
• Sensors for disposable bioreactors


Zurich University of Applied Sciences
Grüental Campus, Wädenswil, Switzerland

Programme and Downloads

BioTech 2011 Programme

Preanouncement BioTech 2011

Download of oral presentations (.zip files)

Session 1a (visions and trends; 8.4 MB)

Session 1b (visions and trends; 4.9 MB)

Session 2/3 (industry viewpoint & PAT; 9.1 MB)

Sessions 4-6 (sensors for disposables; 9.2 MB)

Organizing Group

Centre for Measurement and Sensor Technology

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